Overview Of Download Hack Among Us For Android And IOS

Among Us is an online multiplayer social deduction game developed and published by American game studio Innersloth. It was released on iOS and Android devices in June 2018 and on Windows in November 2018, featuring cross-platform play between these platforms, and here we’re going to show you guys how to download Hack Among Us For Android And IOS.

Download Hack Among Us For Android And IOS Gameplay Trailer

Among Us Gameplay

Among Us is a multiplayer game for four to ten players. Up to three players are randomly chosen to be the impostor(s) each round. A round can take place on one of three maps: a spaceship called “The Skeld”, a headquarters building called “MIRA HQ”, or a planet base called “Polus”. A fourth map, “The Airship“, was announced on December 10, 2020 and is planned for release in early 2021.

Among Us System Requirements

Minimum :

We can download this game totally free on mobile phones, with Android or iOS operating systems. The best thing is that it does not demand much, since it is a very light game capable of working correctly in almost any version. However, it is important that you consider each of the requirements that it demands so that you avoid that it does not run correctly or gets stuck.

If your device is Android you must have a minimum of 70 megabytes and Android 4.4 KitKat. In the case of iOS195 megabytes are required and it is necessary to have a version 10 or later. One of the advantages is that for iOS the game does not have advertising, but in the same way you must pay to have skins.

In the case of Android, the game has advertising, but in the same way, nothing compares with its playability. Therefore, it is currently one of the most downloaded, even surpassing Fall Guys or other multiplayer games.

Among Us Screenshots

How To Install Among Us For Android And IOS In 5 Simple Steps

1. Click on the “Download Link” button for a complete installation.
2. Download the “Among Us” Installer setup (NOTE: This setup is supported resumable download).
3. Open the Game Installer, Click Next, and choose the directory where to Install.
4. Let it Download Game in the specified directory of your Device.
5. Run the Game and Enjoy Playing Full Version Game.

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How long does it take to do every task in among us?

three to five seconds Essentially, common tasks will take three to five seconds to complete. Remember: if a crewmate is watching, wait until the task bar increases before leaving the spot. However, there is a bit of warning with common tasks.

How do you play among us in real life instructions?

There is no talking or communication whatsoever, except during meetings. And even then, only people who are alive can talk. If you're a crewmate: Perform your tasks. Don't actually do the tasks. ... If you're an imposter: Try it fit in. Pretend to do tasks, but you can't fake “VISIBLE” tasks.

What are the among us tasks?

All tasks on The Skeld Map in Among Us Admin: Swipe Card. Cafeteria: Upload Data, Empty garbage. Communications: Upload data, Divert power to communications. Electrical: Upload data, Fix wiring, Calibrate distributor. Engines: Align engine output, Divert Power to Upper engine, Divert power to lower engine. MedBay: Submit Scan, Inspect sample.

Can u double kill in among us?

Tip #6: Double kill When there are 2 imposters, especially when you're in the same area as 2 crewmates, if you both perform a kill, there will be no witnesses. As with all kills, do this extremely carefully.